And what is TECCA ATELIER?

Hello, welcome to my website!

My name is Terezie Kohoutková, but everyone has been calling me Teka for a long time, which was created by combining my initials - TE and KO. Well, TECCA (still read as Teka) was created just to sound more international.

I'm 25 years old, I graduated from a design college in Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of the time I'm working on graphics, illustrations, and gif creation. During my studies, I went on an exchange program to the US where I studied at the Otis College of Art and Design in LA, California.

My first Instagram profile was called TekaDraws where I was only sharing my illustrations, but after one-year anniversary of its existence, I surprised my followers with a big name change to TECCA ATELIER. Another reason for this change was the involvement of other digitals I was focusing on such as graphics, gifs, and brand concepts. Atelier literally means a space that serves both for living and for artistic activity, and this is exactly the concept I would like to implement in the future ♡



Mission: I want my minimalistic work to make the maximum impression in my clients' projects.

Vision: In the future, I envision TECCA ATELIER as a community for sharing designs and artistic creations, where people will feel as comfortable as in the comfort of their own home.




TECCA takes care of the complete graphic visual of advertising on and off the internet. Since we have been working with her, our brand has a "soul" not only in terms of product but also in communication.

Veronika Možná



Our collaboration with Tecca is truly a collaboration you wish to experience. Not only does she have a great feel for the brand, but she also takes it to a higher level. Her graphics and illustrations are really professional, down to the smallest detail, and our customers love them. In addition, she will provide you with her own ideas and her creative soul. She delivers everything on time and communication with her is top notch. Thank you very much and we hope for more happy years from both sides


Marketing department


Great and fast communication, the resulting product exactly as we imagined :) We look forward to further cooperation, we definitely recommend her

Hana & Jana



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